a place to go to share

I have created this blog askmarji2011 for a place for all young and old to come and share their stories and for a place to go if there is a question you need to ask or advice you want to give this is the place to go to share…

This past year has been one with much sadness for so many young adults with drug overdoses or even an accident that took someones life…but with the pressures put on these young adults it is all so overwhelming.  In the prefession that I am in I hear so many different types of stories some happy and some sad.  I wanted a place for anyone to come and just express yourself and if there is some help for some then I feel I accomplished something.  I am not perfect but I am also the kind of person that always wants to right the wrongs and to help anyone that needs it.  Have you ever been told or heard someone say “You are too nice and you should say NO sometimes?” Well I do and I hear it all the time.  I have no intention of changing myself but quite the opposite I want to be there for anyone that needs me…I will do what I can to make this a success and I look forward to blogging with you!  Have a great New Year 2011…stay positive and pay it forward!


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